What Is The Afterlife?

What Is The Afterlife?

Is there life after death? Its the question that explores our existence. The Bible tells us that not only is there life after death but also that there is eternal life after death. “Things that the eye has not seen, the ear has not heard, that's the way things are, what God has prepared for those who love Him”. Those are the words of Saint Paul where he refers to the afterlife. To Heaven. 

Paradise is the place where those who loved God and obeyed his laws are said to go, but because human nature is too tempted to break the rules, they were cast out of Paradise and wept at the gates of heaven for hundreds of years. For those that believe in the good book, humanity has lived in hell for hundreds of years.

For the afterlife, God created Heaven, his house, a perfect one, full of light and blessing where every soul on Earth would come and live forever in the bosom of the Lord. However, once sin appeared in this ideal world, God could not accept a stain on His kingdom so He was forced to create a place to center all evil so that it would never interfere with His perfection. Since then, people have not been worthy to step into the world of the saints. However, with the appearance of the Son, God was moved, and for the sacrifice of Jesus, all human sins were blotted out.

Since then, according to the Christian religion, Islam and Jainism, there are two paths that await us after death. Heaven or Hell. These paths are determined by the choices we make between the two great events of life: birth and death.

We are offered a soul that possesses a body to manifest in a materialistic and petty world, to contribute to it, to then leave it and forever claim our merits. Life on earth is a test - a preparation for what is to come. For believers, this means eternal life in the near presence of God. But how do we receive forgiveness and eternal life? There is only one way - through faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he die, yet shall die, live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die ... ”.

The gift of eternal life is available to all, but to receive it, we must give up worldly pleasures and give ourselves to God. “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but he that believeth not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abideth on him ” We will not be given the opportunity to repent of our sins after we die, because once we meet God face to face, we will have no choice but to believe in Him.

He wants us to turn to Him right now in faith and love. If we accept the death of Jesus Christ as payment for our sinful rebellion against God, we are guaranteed not only a meaningful life on earth but also eternal life in the presence of Christ. But how do you get up there? Simple, through hell.

The road to heaven always passes through hell, Dante tells us, you will see the horrors, torments, and screams of the eternally condemned and you will swallow dry, trembling not from the cold, but from the fear of being swallowed by the tears of those who have sinned. Then follows Purgatory, which is the path of purification through the fire, it is like a spiritual bath that cleanses you of any remnant of earthly filth, so that you enter Paradise completely fresh.

Even so, the world has been polarized since ancient times, and the question of whether there is life after death has received different answers from different spheres. It has been illustrated in mythology, religion, esotericism, and metaphysics.
Reincarnation is a theory as old as the concepts of heaven and hell and is a branch of metempsychosis in which great thinkers and philosophers such as Plato and Schopenhauer delved. Returning to our soul, which is, in fact, energy, a conscious spirit that detached itself from the Great Source and traveled to us, and because we know as a basic principle of physics that energy is immortal, then it turns out that it does not die, but travels.

A soul is attracted to that body that will best manage its energy load. According to the belief in reincarnation, a new personality is developed with each new life in the physical world, but a part of the being remains permanently present during these successive lives. Our soul traveler is eternal, but his feelings, memories die and everything starts from the beginning, but sometimes a firmness from the previous YOU is preserved, it manifests itself in the present as a deja vu.

In the eschatological myth that concludes the "Republic", he tells the story of Er, the son of Armenius, who came back to life on the 12th day after his death and told the secrets of the world beyond. After his death, he says, he moved with others to Judgment Place and he saw their souls return from heaven, arriving with them in a place where new lives, human and animal, were chosen. He saw Orpheus' soul turning into a swan, Thamyras becoming a nightingale, musical birds choosing to become humans, Atalanta's soul choosing the honors of an athlete. Humans could be seen metamorphosing into wild and domestic animals and exchanging. This belief is characteristic of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Another opinion was the Egyptians, who not surprisingly mummified their pharaohs, this "bandage" was intended to preserve the vital energy "ka", the soul "ba" and the name "ren". But after death, the soul and vital energy take flight, being immortal, and the body decomposes. In order to gain life after death, like the god Osiris, man must possess all three components. That is why the ancient Egyptians embalmed and mummified the bodies in order to keep them intact for as long as possible.

African animists believe that those taken from life predominate in the world of the living in the form of spirits and ghosts.

There are many theories that can be born on this subject, there are people who have lived the experience of near-death and have returned and told about places that can confirm or debate the above, emotional, and terrifying stories. I know the story of a man who was beyond goodbye and saw again in the world beyond his father to whom he never said "I love you" and at that moment in an unknown place, he fulfilled his mission.

There are of course neutral parts such as atheists who refuse to believe in God, reincarnation, or in general life after death, for them, the time is now and not then, and we here have a limited time in which we can enjoy all the Universe has to offer us.

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