What Are Akashic Records?

What Are Akashic Records?

Akashic Records are the informational arm of Divine Source energy”- Lisa Bernett


The word ‘Akash’ was introduced into theology by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society. The concept of Akashic record was mainly spread by Alfred Percy Sinnett in Esoteric Buddhism (1883). The word ‘Akashic’ comes from Sanskrit word ‘aaksha’ which is referred to ‘sky’, ‘atmosphere’, ‘space’ or ‘aether’. It is like an invisible record which needs to be explored and searched for.


Life continues to throw issues in every aspect of our existence. Would you prefer having an anti-issue setup that would help one have a clear, quick and easy way to resolve them? And if your answer is yes, you must certainly know and search for Akashic records which are going to be discussed here.


Can you imagine travelling from California to Washington without any direction or information? You might reach or might not but obstacles are confirmed in every step. Now what if the route is defined with roads and signals? The destination will be smooth without any hurdle.


Similarly, imagine you give a laptop to someone who doesn’t know anything about it; will it be possible to use it without a manual? The same is true for our life; it has a manual to reach the destination. The manual is hidden and needs to be searched for and this search is like human finger print, different for every individual. The manual is the Akashic records; the predefined routes towards our destination. If we find them successfully, we will be able to know our true self. As the genetic (genes) mapping of a person can predict the structural/physical body of the person from disorders to the one who gave birth to it; similarly, Akashic records can help us with the non-physical knowledge.


Whitney Jefferson Evans speaks about it in the book, ‘the beginners guide to Akashic records’. It states that when one can recall previous life or past stories and information, it allows one to heal any issue which was being carried by the person till date. It describes Akashic records as,


“An energetic, vibrational record of everything you think, do, and say—including from this, previous, and future lifetimes. It’s like the entire universe is being recorded and stored inside a vast, cosmic “text” of sorts.”


Whereas, Ernesto Ortiz explains it as,


The Akashic Records hold the records of all circumstances and actions concerning consciousness in all realities. They are the recordings of your progression of lives, inscribed in your own personal Book of Life.”


These are the invisible records just like wireless calls that can be heard and not seen. We can’t see the voice travelling from one system to another, yet, they travel. The physical absence but the actual presence of Akashic records can be explained through this. Its validation is based on anecdotal evidences. It is believed that it provides intense, celestial wisdom with clarity and absolute love to guide one through the day and the soul’s path.


The encounter to this divine reality is a gift to humanity to make one understand the uniqueness of one’s soul’s course. One will move throughout the karma to hold the love one is entitled to experience in earth. It has been said that through Akashic records one can,

  • understand one’s true purpose in this life
  • understand past lives, incarnations to help heal still existing unpleasant encounters.
  • figure out about oneself and the whereabouts.



These are vast libraries of what the soul wants. One must learn the mentioned navigation methods that have been described. The knowledge has different forms as it’s transformational and so one needs patience for the process to take place. It is also a part of many belief systems where they talk openly about having accessed to it, Indians, Moors, Bonpos, Chaldeans, Tibetians, Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Chinese, Christians, Mayans, Hebrews and Druids are the noted ones. Philosophers, psychics, mystics and spiritual practitioners of akashic records consider its access to be only in some states of consciousness.


Many claims dreams, trance, and meditation or near-death experiences as few of them. Nadi palm leaf reading is a common practice in India which is believed to have been imprinted by Lord Shiva which is nothing but the Akashic records of one’s soul path and progression. It can be considered as Akashic records’ physical aspects according to Hindu mysticism.


Noted French astrologer, Michel de Nostredame achieved the access to these records using methods derived from Greek oracles, Christianity, Sufi mysticism and kabbalah. Hypnotic, trancelike state, prayers, energy healing (Reiki), chanting etc are the other means one can opt for to search the records. The intuitions, sudden tactics that come to us out of nowhere is also a form of the records that we got access to.


The world is witnessing anxiousness, violence, conflicts, wars that has raised the issue of mental health as a result people are losing kindness and compassion. Studies suggest that one in four people globally will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. Suicide became the third leading cause of death among young people. Depression which is ranked third in the global burden of disease is projected to be first by 2030. 


Linda Howe explains three basic components of healing through akashic records,

  1. One should form a relationship with self to a state of erasing all types of distractions.
  2. A harmony needs to be created with the environment with acceptance and forgiveness.
  3. Ultimately, one reaches the platform of transformation and transcendence. This leads to a better understanding of oneself.


So, if a person is equipped with Akashic records, the chances of that person getting into issues will be less or the power to tackle such issues will increase. Precautionary measure or healing method both can be opted through it. With the popularization of Akashic records, the world can be a better place with radiation of positive vibes from people. Practicing the methods mentioned can bring a positive change to our life. The article gave us a general understanding of what Akashic records are, and where they exist. There are many synonyms to Akashic records which include:

  • Book of Life ( Christian – Philippians 4:3, Malachi 3:16, Revelation 3:5, 3:8, 3:17, 8:20-21, 8:27)-“ In the last days these books shall be open.”
  • Cosmic/Collective consciousness
  • Cosmic Mind
  • Universal Mind
  • Nature’s Memory
  • Book of Remembrance (Jewish)
  • Akashic Chronicles
  • Etheric Records
  • Anima Mundi (“Soul of the world”)


To know further one can refer many books which describes the route towards finding it in details. Akash (sky) is the umbrella that holds the entire universe together, continuing to infinity. All the answers and solutions to our questions and problems are present within it; we just need to search for it that will make the lives a better one.


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