What is Meditation?

What is Meditation?

Today's world gives no respite in any situation, we are consumed day by day immersed in the worries of daily life and we have left aside our spiritual search. The frenetic rhythm that is proposed to us makes this existence a not entirely pleasant experience, which is why a large part of the population experiences this adventure full of anxiety, stress, and fears.  Although thousands of tools have been given to us to achieve transcendence in our evolution and spiritual growth, we have not been able to connect with our sacred part and give the importance it deserves to our divinity. 


For a long time, there has been a millenary practice that has been performed by the wise men of our history, it is even assured that currently great entertainment personalities and world sports figures make a daily space in their agenda to perform this activity. This well-kept secret, in turn, put on display for all to see, is none other than meditation. 

Meditation is a technique that has been practiced for thousands of years by different cultures around the world and today it is still more valid than ever. It basically consists of quieting the mind and living in the present moment, as simple and straightforward as that. Human beings by their behavior and nature tend to focus on past or future scenarios, which have already happened or are totally uncertain, this makes them miss the most important moment and the only one they truly possess, which is the now. 

That said we can assure that meditation is the art of living in the present, and although it seems that this practice has somehow moved over the years continues to be used on a large scale in different areas of society. For example, it has been known of several companies that due to their activities are aware that their workers are subjected to large amounts of stress, so they have decided to give them meditation guides in their free time so they can deal with the pressure of their positions. 


Meditation not only serves as an instrument to control our flow of thoughts which makes it an indispensable tool to enjoy optimal mental health, but it is also scientifically proven to contribute to our physical health making it a complementary solution for chronic diseases such as asthma, depression, heart disease, among others. 

One of the advantages of this practice is that you don't really need a guide, intermediary, or invest unthinkable amounts of money to achieve that inner connection you desire so much. This tool is at your disposal and only you are the one who will decide how to execute it. Fortunately, this digital era offers multiple tools that can help you make this process much more bearable, so on the internet, there is a lot of information regarding the subject that will help you and clarify any doubts you have regarding the subject. 

We know that we currently live in an era full of banality and superficiality, where for years the spiritual quest has taken a back seat. Historically humanity has been manipulated by the media that tell you how and how to act in certain scenarios, but really the power and control of your life will always depend on you. There are no limits, no conditions, but only you are the one who can take control of your life, that is why meditation is fundamental and has great relevance in our existence, because not only gives all the benefits explained above but it is also a source of self-knowledge that will give you those answers you have not yet answered about you because the most difficult journey but in turn, the most revealing is the one we make to our inner self. 

Every body, every mind, every spirit is different, which does not mean that this journey will be a pleasant experience for everyone who decides to start. Applying this technique requires entering somehow into a zen mode where you listen to the silence, so do not despair if in In your first sessions you do not get that inner connection you so desire. Take your time, perseverance will lead you to success. 

In a historical context, we can find the practice of meditation in different cultures and religions, being this curiously a point of coincidence between the most radical differences and appreciations of the divine. As we know, Buddhism is one of the religions that emphasize the importance of meditation as it is recognized as the superior knowledge of being. In parallel, Christianity also makes use of this technique through prayer, a moment of silence between the self and the sacred. Hinduism is also present through schools of yoga, Islam through Sufism that applies various meditative techniques, and paganism that considers meditation as a direct connection with divinity. Therefore, this serves as evidence that one of the ways executed throughout history to achieve this encounter with the sacred is meditation. 

Although, as we have already expressed, our goal is to give it a spiritual focus, if we go to strictly technical terms, we can assure that meditation is a mental exercise. This practice does not necessarily have to have a spiritual purpose, it can be used for different purposes and approaches. 

After thousands of years, the practice of this ancient technique is still more valid than ever in our days, no matter what the belief, idiosyncrasy, or race of the individual is still more than important that moment of inner encounter that meditation offers. Every day there are thousands of people who enter this world ensuring impressive results. Search for your divinity, connect with your inner self, give yourself a moment of peace and you will see everything from a different perspective. Embark on this inner journey, take control of your life. Live and enjoy the now that this is our only moment.

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