What Is The Flower of Life

What Is The Flower of Life

The English writer D. H. Lawrence brings a unique answer to the question "What is the flower of life?" He associates it with "love", that feeling, pure and immaculate. Quote, ”Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked where it is found, and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration.”


First, why would this spiritual symbol be compared to a flower? We all know that flowers die, wither, but each time they sprout in all their splendor, these infinite and repeated circles, themselves constitute the Flower of Life. Visually it appears as a bunch of flowers that merge into each other, it exists due to the infinite cooperation between them.


The symbol of perfection and harmony, the Flower of Life is a standard figure of the sacred geometry of the universe and unconditional love. It has been known for many generations as the perfect form that describes how matter is formed from the vibrations of universal energy. The perfection of the form, the proportions, and the harmony of the Flower of Life made this symbol to be called "the language of peace" or "the language of light".


The Flower of Life is considered the source of all that exists, of all languages, the primordial language of the Universe, of pure form and proportion. It is a seed of the soul, deeply rooted in us that bears fruit in many forms, these can be love, success, inspiration, or creation. The flower of life is fictitious engraving, a complex algorithm encrypted in the universe.


If we followed her trajectory then we would flourish just as beautifully.  We would orient ourselves only towards the sun and we would be completely enlightened. We would learn how to live in joy, harmony, and balance, being enough just to let ourselves be in her will, in the will of a complete, perfect and complex symbol, with deep and beneficial meaning.  This is simply art and experience of all the civilizations of the world, from all times.


The Flower of Life communicates to us through vibrations, through a codified and ratified language, namely "the language of silence" and "the language of light". This is the source of all languages, it is the primordial language of the universe, of pure form and proportion, and if we allow it to connect, then we will create from ourselves, people, a huge network, united and dependent on cooperation. 


We will be a beautiful and flourishing whole, created from superimposed and harmoniously arranged hands and souls, but for that, we need to be open, to have the desire to receive and continue to give. In doing so so that the thread of this life does not break.


But in order to join, we don't all have to be petals, in order for a flower to bloom, we also need roots.  These roots being our ancestors, the past generations that tried to bloom, but failed, so they clung to the ground with all the strength for us. We should use the ancestral leanings of culture and emotions they went through to create a stem. 


At first it can be more tender, thinner, and then slowly a flower bud, green and innocent whichever approaching light.  Then with water and nutrients from the basement, it will slowly rise and blossom and spots will appear, bees and fluttering will appear. This is the process by which the Flower of Life encourages us to grow, not to forget where we came from because it is essential, to follow a path and then flourish in all its splendor, attracting various opportunities to our success. Our roots are Leonardo da Vinci who also studied the form and mathematical properties of the Flower of Life, which he immortalized in his magnificent works.


Drunvalo Melchizedek is the creator of the “Flower of Life” seminar and is, among many others, the one who promoted, raised, and offered the world ample explanations about the Flower of Life. We can say that Drunvalo Melchizedek translated for humanity a part of the Universe so encrypted so magnificently in the Flower of Life.  Drunvalo Melchizedek tells us that the Flower of Life is a code:

"The Flower of Life is the way everything is organized. It is the way to structure life. All metal scaffolding, chemical processes, and all things like that, everything, without exception, are based on sacred geometry. And you can't really understand what's going on in chemistry, physics, architecture, or any structural field without understanding sacred geometry. If you do not know her, you are missing the most important key of Creation, because you cannot understand what she is looking to do. It is clear that there is only one Mind that created the entire Universe. One thought. And it can be reduced to a simple sphere. And that is all there is. And the Flower of Life is the relationship about how the spheres can be interconnected. And when you reach 19 such spheres, the resulting image pattern is also such that things become very clear. If you carefully retract the geometry, you will find that absolutely everything that exists is inside a sphere. ”

Thus, as far as can be seen, the whole complexity of the world in which we live can be reduced to a simple representation, which, however, hides the greatest secrets and histories, through a system that concentrates in it all possible and impossible energy.

Just imagine how much power we would have access to, not in vain, when worn, drawn, or observed during meditation.  Patterns of sacred geometry convey a sense of unity, balance, and understanding in initiation. This property can be attributed to the fact that these forms have accumulated large amounts of energy and knowledge over the centuries and also to the perfect visual harmony of the patterns themselves.


Symbols of superior vibration that harmonizes our inner forum brings us peace and quiet, puts us in balance, stimulates in us creative ideas, able to orient towards a constructive goal. The Flower of Life - through the strong energy of the life force it emanates - generates a special state of happiness, balance, harmony, self-confidence, and fulfillment that protects us makes us stronger and more confident in ourselves. The daily wearing of the Flower of Life - a symbol of high spiritual value - would lead, in the conception of the initiates, to the increase of charisma, courage, and ability to understand and vibrate harmoniously with the universal consciousness.


On the same note, it is considered that wearing symbols of high spiritual value maintains the optimal state of health of the wearer, leads to increased self-confidence and optimism, these qualities improving self-esteem and social prestige. The Flower of Life - a delicate, harmonious symbol, pure as a FLOWER but powerful, grandiose, imposing, mysterious, magical like LIFE that leads to big dreams and choices in the heart, which brings protection, luck, prosperity, happiness, health, and abundance to the wearer.


Within the Flower of Life, we ​​understand how connected we are and that in the end, we all come from the same great and beautiful genetic and spiritual material. Its power circulates through our veins, with every heartbeat, we transmit these vibrations to the outside, energy difficult to understand for some, but which can create miracles.

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