What Is The Meaning of OM?

What Is The Meaning of OM?

Historically mankind, conscious or not, has built its civilizations based on the power of words. For better or for worse, words have a unique power, they vibrate in the cosmos making our dreams come true and in other cases our worst nightmares. Likewise, there are mantras, these phrases that we repeat instinctively that can mean a sudden change of any scenario for us. But, technically, what is a mantra?

A mantra can be defined as a set of words or phrases that seek to generate a spiritual and psychological impact on the people who recite them. Its main purpose is to alter the consciousness, focusing thoughts and emotions to improve the self-control of the inner self. Therefore we can assure that the mantra is associated with the enlightenment of the being and a kind of divine language.

Throughout time, different cultures and religions have employed the use of various mantras, but one of the most popular is the "Om". Om is one of the most used mantras in Dharmic religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. It has a symbolic meaning in the spiritual world since it is associated with the sound of the universe, and even following this theory, it is said that Om is the sound of the foundation and creation of the universe, that is to say, the genesis of everything.

Its meaning revolves around its magnificence, as it is well known the universe has its origin in the cosmic vibration, and Om is the original sound of the universe. It is written Om but its pronunciation derives in an "Aum". It is said that these three letters that compose its pronunciation symbolize the divine energy and its fundamental aspects: creation, preservation, and destruction.

The practice of this sound generates a vibration, which comes from the chest, goes up the throat, and culminates in the head. This vibration gives a sense of peace and tranquility that spreads throughout the body, imitating the same sound that is lost throughout the silence. The practice of this sound is also highly recommended in moments of anger or rage, as it will connect you with your inner self and allow you to be calm. The connection with this mantra can also be used mentally, in a quiet space, when your mind is silent, remembering that the only connecting link between you and the universe is your desire to achieve it. Yoga, which is one of the most widely used relaxation methods worldwide, makes use of this mantra on a daily basis in its practices.


Although the benefits of this mantra are commonly related only to the spiritual realm, it can also be assured that it brings innumerable benefits at the physical level by slowing down the nervous system and calming the mind. This physiological phenomenon occurs because a calm mind lowers blood pressure and consequently, heart health improves. It has also been proven as a tool to achieve better sleep, due to the great states of relaxation produces in those who practice it and even as support for those who have high levels of anxiety or depression.

It should be emphasized that to achieve an optimal harmonization between body, mind, and soul, a set of techniques that make the whole an integral practice must be carried out. Meditation is one of them, this space that we allow ourselves to silence our mind and connect with the deepest part of our being serves as a bridge in that connection we seek with the earthly, mantras, in this case, the Om could serve as a tool to achieve this total state of concentration that is so necessary. The practice of these mantras comes from ancient times, so there are its greatest disciples in practices such as Hinduism and Buddhism, where the main invitation is to achieve oneself in silence.

As we have highlighted throughout the text, there are millions of mantras, each religion has its own, even in the world of Catholicism, which tends to move away from many practices that are not considered in accordance with its founding principles, there are several mantras in the prayers of the rosary. On the other hand, there is also the possibility of using your free will to create your own mantras, that is, to declare what you want to be fulfilled to the universe in a convincing way so that it is granted. We must be aware that every time we engage in a conversation or make a sentence we are declaring through the power of the word to the universe that we are granted something, here lies the importance of being aware of how we express ourselves because if we declare abundance will be granted, but if we declare misery and hatred that will give us the universe.

The different spiritual masters who have crossed this earthly plane have used the word as a basic tool to express their message, and although this has been distorted by various interests throughout history the message remains clear, you are the master of your destiny. The Om is still very present today in people who decide to undertake their spiritual path, it is a tool of contact with the divine as different experts on the subject claim that this word is the connection of the divine and the earthly, is the sacred syllable, the first sound of the almighty.

In the mantras, you will find a starting point to reaffirm that connection you are looking for and need. Take your mind to silence and breathe the here and now. Do not underestimate the power of the word, you are always being heard. Use this gift from the universe to connect with him, no matter where, when, or how, it is never too late to begin your return to that source of energy and infinite love that we call God, a simple Om (A-U-M) will take you to that place of peace and enlightenment you wish to achieve.

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