DXIMENSION is a clothing brand/art gallery created and launched in 2021. This brand/gallery offers spiritually inspired clothing and wall art. 


The idea of DXIMENSION came from an ongoing occurrence of seeing the number combination 11:11 during meditation. After constantly seeing this number combination via clocks, timers, receipts, addresses and just about any other way you can see the 1111, I decided to find out if it meant something. A quick search provided him with the information below.

"Angel number 1111 is an indicator of a new beginning. It’s a harbinger of a new opportunity in front of you. Your prayers have been heard and it’s the perfect moment to turn the page and start a new chapter in your life. The universe sends you a message that angels are on your side."

Upon obtaining this information I acquired an interest in abstract art paintings and eventually started dabbling in the creation of canvas wall art and printed frames. An Entrepreneur at heart I naturally decided to try my hand at selling the artwork online and came up with the idea to sell it along side t-shirts and other clothing since I had some small success selling some of my designs already.


The name DXIMENSION is derived from a combination of the word 'DIMENSION" and the Roman Numerals 'XI' which signify '11' as in the 11th Dimension stated previously. Next I added in the angel wings to signify the angel numbers and of course slapped the ever enlightening 11:11 right in the middle.


My overall goal with this brand is to encourage spiritually awakening via clothing, artwork, and content creation.  Welcome to DXIMENSION. 


DXIMESION Blog Contributing Authors 

  • Ely Marquez
  • Lina Babara
  • Minhaz Ahmed