Within the realm of science and spirituality the 11th dimension is believed to be the highest level of consciousness and possibly the highest level of existence.  If one were so inclined to reach this higher level of consciousness, abstract art may be the one of most influential tools at your disposable. 

Abstract art frees our brain from the dominance of reality, enabling it to create new emotional and cognitive associations, activating brain-states that are otherwise harder to access.  Abstract art teaches us to look at art and, in a sense, at the world—in a new way.

Here at DXIMENSION (Dimension 11) you will find original artwork intended to spark enlightenment or introspection.  We aim to relax your mind and set your conscious free.  The rest is automatic. 

French Artist Edgar Degas once said that, "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see". Welcome to DXIMESION.