DXIMENSION is an online art gallery created by Alem Belton.  This gallery  specializes in astonishing canvas art prints and framed posters at affordable prices.  I aim to be an Interior Designer's go to shop for creative, thought provoking, inexpensive home or office décor. 

Welcome to DXIMENSION... 

Artist Statement 

My artwork relays my visual interpretation of the world.  Subjects I mainly focus on are; pop culture, spirituality, history and philosophy, but I do sometimes venture out of these four categories.  

I usually choose a title after a work is complete leaving time for me to fully digest the piece and decipher what it is that I see.  After combining the artwork with the title my intention is to provoke the viewer to entrench themselves in abstract thought. 

My artwork is mainly distributed on canvas or framed posters although I am pondering with the idea of using metal prints on occasion.  Alright my friend it's time to explore,  Thank you for taking the time to view this gallery.  If anything you see or read here sparks you to stop and inhale our existence here on Earth then I have succeeded.  If you make a purchase I will be given the necessary tools to continue.  Namaste.  


Alem Belton

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